Human Experience

The feeling a person has when interacting with the digital world

We're here to make the digital world work properly

Actual Experience enables HR and business leaders to create an environment where customers and employees are able to use digital services without any pain or frustration.

We know, when those digital environments don’t work properly, it creates a sense of friction. Whether it’s an app or website that’s unresponsive or slow to respond. It is a pain point that many of us experience all the time, but find it hard to articulate, let alone fix.

A digital world full of complexity

Every day you hear about a new innovative technology or trend that will revolutionise our lives and transform how we do business. Organisations are rushing to acquire these digital solutions, fuelled by the promise of competitive advantage. The thing is, even when employees and customers have access to these supposed game-changing solutions many find the expected promises are simply not delivered.

The lens of experience

To understand the true impact of complex digital services, to know whether a game-changing solution will deliver a stated promise, basic measurements and performance stats are not enough.

To overcome this challenge a new perspective is needed – decision makers need to quantify the impact any new technology will have on the experience of their employees and customers. This can only be achieved through the lens of human experience.

Here at Actual Experience our powerful analytics find meaning in digital data and report on the actual human experience of digital services used by people every day.

Knowing the human experience of a service is one thing, Actual Experience is then able to go further by pinpointing the supplier and technology responsible for any poor experiences. Not only can decision makers benchmark experience, they can continually make the right investments in their digital solutions to consistently deliver exceptional experiences.