Your staff are crying tears of frustration and this is why...


Dave Page

Find out how we can help you understand the human experience of your digital services

Deadlines. They’re never-ending and put your team under pressure. As an employer, you have a duty to ensure your team can deliver everything on time and be as productive as possible.

They deserve a highly efficient digital ecosystem but unfortunately in many instances your digital ecosystem doesn’t deliver. You thought buying the newest, leading technology solutions would give people the tools to succeed but they’re still being let down by slow speeds and unresponsive apps.

Your team might have stopped telling you about issues with the many tools and solutions they use because they might be concerned you’ll think they’re making excuses for poor productivity. Or they might have got fed up sending for IT and just gone back to less efficient but more reliable systems.

They’re understandably frustrated.

88% of executives say their employees’ digital experience is extremely important to their organisation’s success and yet 76% say their employees experience some inconsistency in their digital experience.

You need to take action and show them you’re taking their complaints seriously.

The human experience is the answer.

Instead of looking at the issue from a technical perspective, approach it through the lens of the human experience. Focus on how your digital ecosystem works day to day to understand what a regular experience using your solutions is like.

By adopting the human experience approach you’ll be able to determine what is causing a productivity drain in your digital ecosystem. Sometimes something further down the chain is causing a solution to run slowly, infrastructure to under-perform or people to throw up their arms in frustration.

Actual Experience’s patented technology provides you with visibility into your entire ecosystem – including third party networks, applications, data centres and cloud solutions – to tackle productivity issues and provide a consistent, high quality digital experience.

Our solution works in near real-time, performing millions of calculations per minute to correlate the cause of bad behaviour in a digital journey and the effect this has on user experience. We then provide you with actionable evidence to enable you to manage and improve the user experience for your organisation.

Focus on the human experience and drive up productivity in your business with Actual Experience.