Your poorly performing digital ecosystem is costing you more than just time


Actual Experience

As businesses and customers become increasingly reliant on digital tools and channels, the performance and reliability of these systems has a significant impact on the success of daily activities and the business as a whole.

To understand just how significant, we have analysed a year’s worth of data from customer deployments to determine the effect a poorly performing digital ecosystem has on experience.

Based on ten years of scientific research, Actual Experience’s Human Experience Score provides a reliable proxy for the answer businesses would get if they asked their staff and customers to continuously rate their experiences of digital services (measured on a scale between 0 and 100 with a score around 80 being a good experience).

We calculated the effect a drop in the score has on productive hours. The time lost is a direct, mathematically modelled consequence of poor performance in that digital ecosystem and its effect on experience and by extension, the digital business.

We concluded that every time the Human Experience Score drops by 10 points, approximately an hour of employee productivity is lost. This is due to a poor digital ecosystem causing significant disruption to productivity with an unstable and inconsistent experience.

Analysing the cost implications this loss of productivity has on the wider business, we have shown that an average Fortune 500 company with a 40% digital business experiences a drop of 15 points, this equates to a cost for wasted time of about $435M or 7.82% of the fully loaded wage costs for the organisation.

No company that relies on digital solutions to deliver their services can afford this level of inefficiency or the risk to their market share and crucial contracts. Actual Experience can provide a clear insight into the Human Experience of your digital ecosystem to put you ahead of competitors.