Your digital infrastructure is a wasteland of broken promises


Dave Page

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Do you really know the true extent of your digital ecosystem? On average, an enterprise weaves together hundreds of different solutions and systems – IT, third party networks, data centres, applications, cloud services and more. Almost all of these are outsourced.

When you took the leap of faith to outsource IT rather than keeping everything in-house, you probably sold the idea to the IT team as a way of freeing up their time to focus on projects that assist company growth.

The reality couldn’t be further from the truth - they spend all their time trying to figure out what part of the ecosystem is causing issues for everyone.

Not exactly what you had in mind. Unproductive for IT. Embarrassing for you.

Not delivering the dream

In addition to promising IT that they would become a more agile business function, you also sold the dream that new cloud applications would improve staff productivity. You might have also promised greater flexibility when investing in software that enables people to work remotely.

Instead of a seamless switch between office and home, intranet and cloud, everyone’s badgering IT. People are getting increasingly frustrated with poor quality video calls. Trouble tickets into IT from people trying to access information remotely keep going up. Teams may have given up all together because the frustration was too much.

You had the best intentions but sadly your digital ecosystem is not what it promised to be. Is it littered with the husks of failed IT projects? Expanding your digital ecosystem to include multiple third-party cloud and infrastructure suppliers causes headaches for your company. How do you resolve an issue when you don’t even know where the issue stems from?

By assessing the issue through the lens of human experience, that’s how.

Measuring the experience on an isolated occasion doesn’t give the full picture and neither does focusing on one piece of software in your digital ecosystem. What looks like a problem in one location could actually be caused by something further down the line – another office, a cloud service tool, someone simply misconfiguring a settings file.

Now that everything is outsourced it’s become incredibly difficult for IT to determine where they need to focus their attention to get things fixed.

Analysing your digital infrastructure through the lens of human experience enables you to see what it’s really like to use all these tools day to day as well as measure and quantify their real performance. It will also highlight where the issues really lie.

Actual Experience’s analytics ensure you can react quickly to identify and fix issues as soon as they happen, and proactively deliver ongoing product and service improvements that simply aren’t possible with current methods. This means your IT team can finally focus on delivering your business objectives rather than surviving the wasteland.

Deliver on what you promised with Actual Experience.

Find out how we can help you understand the human experience of your digital services