Why you'll begin to see the human experience in technology business cases


Actual Experience

With a plethora of digital services for every conceivable business need, it can be difficult whittling down the options to find the right one for your strategic objectives.

Like with any significant investment, digital due diligence is critical before signing on the dotted line. Do services live up to their claims? Will they enhance your brand?

Every company wants technology that increases productivity and is a valuable asset.

It’s therefore unsurprising to see Gartner predict that global IT spending will grow by 3.7% in 2020, demonstrating how committed senior management teams are to investing in digital transformation initiatives to stay ahead of competitors.

But, when no two digital services are exactly the same, how can you compare their business and commercial value?

Human experience.

How can the human experience help?

Instead of focusing on performance claims, the human experience is the best way to predict how it is to use a digital service day-to-day.

Services are delivered over a vast number of cloud-based businesses, technologies, networks, and data centres so when something goes wrong it’s difficult to find the problem.

Actual Experience’s technology, built on 10 years of research, reports on the human experience of those digital services and then points out the exact cause of any bad experiences.

Digital services have the potential to transform businesses for the better, but only with considered strategic decision-making. It’s important to remember that each digital service doesn’t stand alone, it has to work within an organisation’s entire digital ecosystem.

Evidence based investments

In the investment stage of a migration, having the ability to look ahead and compare digital services – for example two different cloud-based collaboration suites – and determine which provides the best and most consistent human experience is one way to support a business case for a proposed migration.

Human Experience Management ensures that digital services deliver on their promises, and if not, the problem can easily be discovered and rectified.

Every business should be looking to provide a consistent experience to its staff and customers, and Human Experience Management not only improves digital services but also raises productivity and enhances brand reputation.

The human experience is what turns an investment into a truly transformative and competitive asset for your organisation.

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