The lights are green and trouble tickets have been resolved. But customers are still disappointed, and nobody seems to know why. Sound familiar?


Dave Page

Patience is not a virtue that applies to digital users. Whether purchasing a product online, requesting customer support or accessing a business application like video conferencing or a CRM tool; users want it to respond and work reliably regardless of device or location.

What happens to revenue if loyal customers are consistently experiencing problems with a digital service? What happens to productivity if your employees can’t download their emails? If any part of the digital experience isn’t working, users will likely quit, or find time-consuming workarounds, rather than report a problem or error.

The result is that brand and productivity suffer, with revenue and costs negatively impacted by that single digital experience. And it happens every minute of every day.

The problem

In today’s digital world, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for organisations to successfully deliver digital products and services. Staff and customer’s digital journeys are delivered over a highly complex path of businesses, technologies, networks, data centres and applications, often outside of an organisation’s direct control.

Digital diagram

This creates significant problems. With a tool set at their disposal that only manages system performance, organisations don’t understand the true causes of a poor human experience of a digital service – at best they’re guessing.

The solution

At Actual Experience, we enable Service Providers and their Enterprise customers, to understand the correlation between the human experience of a digital service and any bad technical behaviour amongst the many businesses, technologies, networks, data centres and applications involved in the delivery of that digital service.

Developed from over 10 years of academic research, our analytics-as-a-service requires no integration. We analyse digital services by taking measurements of the businesses, technologies, networks, data centers and applications involved in the delivery of a digital service. These measurements are sent to our Analytics Cloud, where we provide actionable evidence to our customers, enabling them to manage and improve their user’s experience.

The Solution

Using our unique approach to analysing a digital supply chain enables our customers to improve customer satisfaction, drive up the productivity of their staff, increase revenue and brand reputation from loyal customers and ultimately deliver success for their business.

Deploying Actual Experience

Digital User

Digital User

Actual Experience makes automatic, continuous, lightweight, industry standard measurements against identified digital services. The measurements are conducted from a Digital User (DU), a small piece of software which sits unobtrusively amongst end users but is never aware of what real people or things are doing.

The DUs are deployed in sufficient numbers to provide a comprehensive and accurate measure of digital experience for the identified types of end users and digital services

Analytics Cloud

Analytics Cloud


The measurement data from DUs is analysed in our Analytics Cloud to generate both a digital quality score and the digital supply chain analysis. The analysis and the insights from the Analytics Clouds are delivered via dashboards tailored to the user’s needs.

 Actual Experience requires no complex setup or integration with existing management systems, suppliers or databases to analyse human experience. This significantly reduces deployment costs and allows faster deployment. Actual Experience follows the path a user would take to access the application or service, so no unneeded change management is required when underlying networks or services segments change.


Right now, Enterprises are adopting multi-vendor services – often under the guise of moving to the cloud – to underpin the delivery of digital services for their end users. Investing less in the end-to-end digital supply chain is smart for the business, and it requires a total re-think of how these services are managed.

At Actual Experience, we have been thinking about this across years of research and development. To know what to do and, more importantly, why to do it, IT Operations needs a persistent human proxy to accurately describe the level of, and reasons for quality. That proxy for the human experience cannot be created from a constantly changing maze of management and service assurance systems and providers, even when they are cleverly brought together in a ‘Single Pane of Glass’ approach. Quite simply, it’s not possible to understand how quality is experienced from log data, traps, and alarms, from the inside, looking out.

Analysing human experience needs to be accomplished by a tool built for that purpose. To remain competitive and profitable in the digital economy, human experience analytics provide the most effective way of ensuring users are satisfied, investments are directed wisely, and surprises become very few and far between.

Excellence in user experience translates into higher revenues, stronger loyalty, and greater employee productivity. Actual Experience provides an end-to-end view of user experience across the entirety of the digital supply chain that power the business and create impressions of user experience.

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