Stop being reckless with productivity!


Dave Page

Find out how we can help you understand the human experience of your digital services

How many minutes of wasted productivity occur in your business? I hope it’s less than 2 weeks per employee, per year – every minute waiting for the computer to load, slow video call connection or unresponsive application adds up.

This waste is frustrating your colleagues and damaging your bottom line. So why do we just shrug these complications off as a daily annoyance we have to put up with? Because we dismiss these issues as unsolvable.

This is reckless. Your employees deserve better than this. It shows a complete lack of consideration of the human experience.


Humans first, technology second

What’s human experience? It means focusing on the performance of technology for users – not just measuring system performance and response time and calling it ‘user experience’. By looking through the lens of human experience, you gain insight into what is really slowing your teams down and how often.

Up until now your focus has been on getting the best, newest technology to stay competitive. But what if this new technology doesn’t deliver what it promised and is more of a hindrance than a help?

The longer these productivity problems are left untreated, the worse productivity becomes. The more money you bleed. The further behind you fall.

Employees will become increasingly frustrated, wasting more and more time until eventually they give up on the expensive solutions you invested in altogether.

As the digital world has evolved, the digital infrastructure your business relies on has gone from being an internal operation to a much larger, complex network of suppliers and third parties. The more elements in the chain, the more potential there is for something to go wrong.

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It used to be easy. An internal IT team were the masters and solved every problem. Now there are huge gaps in their knowledge because the issue could be caused by an external supplier’s solution but they don’t have the insight to determine which link in the chain is causing the problem. They could spend days tussling with the age-old nemesis of productivity – guesswork – trying to figure out where the issue is or fighting a completely losing battle because the battle is elsewhere. Guessing costs time that they could be spending fixing the issue.

Not having the information doesn’t mean solving the problem is out of your control. Even if it looks as though it is someone else’s issue, it’s still your business’s productivity that’s affected – you need to fix it. And you can do that by measuring the human experience.

There’s no guesswork with human experience. Our solution performs millions of calculations per minute to determine the cause of bad human experience across the many businesses, technologies, networks, data centres and applications involved in delivering services to your business and the effect this has on your employees’ experience.

If you start measuring your performance based on human experience you’ll be able to provide consistent quality and continuously improve the internal performance of your solutions so your team can work effectively. Your IT team will have the information to determine the cause of the problem and your colleagues’ frustrations can be quantified with our digital quality score to show what the digital experience is actually like.

Keep your customers happy with Actual Experience

Find out how we can help you understand the human experience of your digital services