Ready, steady, go – how to help your clients become digitally ready


Dave Page

“We need to be more digital,” echoes across boardrooms the world over.

Driven on by the promised land of higher productivity, better business performance and lower costs, organisations are expanding their digital businesses at a rate of knots and investing huge sums of money.

Amongst this frenzy, organisations are also adding complexity to their digital ecosystems in every corner. More networks and data centres to manage. Endless applications to maintain. Infinite platforms to integrate.

This mishmash of infrastructure, solutions, services and third-party suppliers means it’s incredibly challenging for an organisation to become digitally ready, let alone digitally mature or a true digital leader.

Insights not reporting is what matters

Unfortunately, new services are destined to fail unless a company can measure the human experience – that is, what it’s actually like to use a service not what the engineering data tells you.

As a result, internal IT teams are crying out for greater insight that goes beyond basic technical performance metrics.

IT departments want visibility that quantifiably measures the quality of their digital business (i.e. ourDigital Quality Score) while simultaneously shining the spotlight on precisely where technical bad behaviour lies hidden.

This scenario might sound familiar and one of our customers, a telecoms operator, knows this challenge all too well.

A deluge of support tickets from their client, a tool and equipment hire company, across multiple sites told our customer something was dramatically amiss, but however hard their support teams searched, they couldn’t identify the cause.

So, instead of poking around in the dark, the company’s Service Managers decided to use our analytics to measure the digital business to understand what was causing the issue.

The findings showed the network proved to be heavily congested because the client had used the wrong type of network circuit and its connectivity was struggling to meet its digital ambitions. It was essentially being asked to run before it could walk.

Equipped with this information, the operator was able to solve the issue, close the support tickets, absolve itself of any blame and at the same time propose an upgrade project to ensure the client was digitally ready.

Preparation makes or breaks a new digital service; however, it needs to be the right type of preparation and more and more IT departments are leaning on operators and service providers to confidently guide them. With Actual Experience’s Digital Quality Score and analytics at the heart of your operations, you can be that guide.