Managing an ever-growing digital supply chain


Dave Page

We know your pain. Delivering stable, reliable digital services has become a minefield!

This is partly because third-party suppliers are needed to deliver a complete solution and also because lack of visibility into your entire digital ecosystem intensifies the pain.

Even when you have access to solid information and accurate operational data from suppliers, it’s rarely as insightful as you hoped or needed, leaving you scrambling around in the dark unable to deliver a consistent user experience and answer the crucial question from customers – “why aren’t you providing us with the service you promised?”

You can’t afford for one of your third-party suppliers to be the cause for customer dissatisfaction. Customers depend on you to provide exceptional services, vast expertise and knowledgeable insight so that their businesses are supported and their critical digital applications perform seamlessly.  

How can you achieve this state of digital nirvana as your digital supply chain grows in complexity and scale?

By focusing on the human experience. 

Understanding how users experience your solutions, rather than focusing on the technical performance, enables you to truly see how your solution offering is really working for your customers.

Take for example, a global customer with multiple offices in different countries. Team members are accessing data stored in other offices but keep experiencing slow response times. Frustration increases. Productivity drops. The internal IT team is adamant they are using the most direct route for data routing and systems are showing that performance is fine.

Viewing this issue from the human experience perspective shows a different story. An alternative, less direct route turns out to be the best option to actually provide the best experience for the user – that may be related to data transfer speeds, better application reliability or a combination of experiences, interactions and perceptions that make up the overall human experience for a user.

Actual Experience provides this insight through its Digital Quality Score. This information determines the best options to improve your digital ecosystem and deliver what you promised to customers. It also provides you with the insight to hold your third-party suppliers accountable when their performance is negatively affecting the human experience of your services.

Possessing visibility into your entire digital ecosystem enables your teams to get to the bottom of issues and resolve them quicker, improving customer service and satisfaction.

Having a system in place to proactively improve the human experience could be the differentiator that keeps customers from looking elsewhere – do you have one?