How to be the single point of contact every customer wants…


Dave Page

Global networks are far-reaching, complex beasts.

They’re incredibly challenging to control, manage and scale, both for you as a service provider and the internal IT teams you answer to.

Nowadays, companies want a single point of contact, which means every telecom operator, technology supplier and service provider is expected to play nice.

“We’re all in it together,” is definitely the phrase of the moment.

But, is this customer expectation unreasonable?

End-users certainly aren’t helping the situation.

In an effort to raise productivity, improve commercial performance and futureproof services, a never-ending supply of applications are being added to digital supply chains.

The more applications there are, the more complicated the connectivity path.

Buffering, slow response times, difficulties accessing cloud services – all are common issues for global connectivity providers now. Yet organisations are struggling to recognise that their sprawling global digital supply chains are negatively affecting day-to-day life for customers and employees.

Solving this issue requires complete visibility of the entire digital supply chain, including third-party providers, as well as a competent understanding of the human experience – i.e. what it’s really like to actually use digital services.

Actual Experience’s Digital Quality Score provides an independent KPI of this human experience, enabling you to support your customers with the connectivity they need.

By independently verifying each element of connectivity and network route across your own infrastructure and those of your third-party suppliers you rely on, you can identify precisely where faults lie, who’s responsible and what proactive work needs to be undertaken to strengthen services.

This insight lets you:

  • Speak to the correct supplier to address problems faster
  • Understand the effect a new connectivity partner has on the human experience
  • Improve internal decision-making and service management
  • Inform a customer’s own connectivity procurement processes
  • Build alternative routes that ease performance bottlenecks
  • Give customers the very best service possible

Global connectivity is without doubt one of the most complex elements of a company’s digital business, however it’s also the bedrock of every application. Tame the global network beast and give your customers the quality they deserve.