Future Trends and Past Successes with Co-Founder Dave Page


Dave Page

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During this time of the year most companies are analysing the year that is about to end and are preparing strategies for the upcoming one. With technology in a constant flux of change, we asked our CEO & Co-Founder, Dave Page, to answer a few questions about the tech trends he thinks have shaped 2018 and will shake 2019. 

What's the most overrated trend of 2018?

Artificial Intelligence. People are starting to realise there is a lot more work to do for AI to live up to the claims. There has been so much hype around the concept but I don’t think we need to worry about the machines taking over anytime soon. Companies that have jumped onto the AI marketing bandwagon will regret this soon. Much like IoT, the reality is a long way behind the buzzword and there’s a lot of development that needs to take place before the technology can deliver.

What's the next big trend in it for 2019?

The death of the industrial advertising complex has been discussed for the past few years but I think 2019 will see the death of the social and digital advertising complex. Where people were once happy to have a more targeted, personalised advertising experience they are now understanding the privacy implications of this. People are no longer comfortable with the amount of data that these technology companies hold on them and are much more aware of their right to privacy.

What does 2019 look like for Actual Experience?

With Actual Experience hitting the ten year mark this year and production continuing with our large partners, it’s been a successful year for us. 2019 will see phenomenal acceleration of revenue for the company and we expect this growth to continue steadily over the next five years.

What's the one thing you would encourage businesses to focus on in 2019?

Stop seeing digital as technology. It's about people, making staff productive and customers delighted. We, of course, are about human experience, and have an important role to play in this. It’s your staff that have to use the technology every day, so make sure the human experience is not just functioning but enabling everyone to perform productively and efficiently. Otherwise what was the point of investing all that money in solutions that were meant to better your business?

If companies focus on one thing next year it should be shifting their approach with IT to humans first, technology second.


Start the New Year with a focus on the human experience. Improve your business productivity with Actual Experience.


Find out how we can help you understand the human experience of your digital services