Don’t be the business leader who oversees a customer exodus


Dave Page

Find out how we can help you understand the human experience of your digital services

Your digital business would be nothing without your customers and this is why you do everything in your power to ensure they’re happy.

We know how it feels - you strive to provide the best possible product and service to ensure customers remain loyal and don’t look elsewhere, but what about when they do jump ship?

Do you know why they really left? The likelihood is that they never gave a definitive reason but deep down you know why they chose to go elsewhere. Or worse, customers are telling you the faults with your solution but you can’t work out where the issue is coming from.

A lot of customers won’t complain, they just won’t use your solution again. That’s why you need to get to the bottom of why customers don’t return and prevent an exodus.

You might have an inkling but every report shows your digital ecosystem is working competently so surely there’s nothing to be done…

78% of businesses say their customers experience some inconsistency in their digital experience. If you know that your customers aren’t getting the best from your business, then you need to change your mindset. Are you assessing your solution from the customer perspective to get to the bottom of hidden problems?

The most effective approach is to cut the guesswork and to view your digital ecosystem through the lens of human experience.

Human experience means understanding how your solutions work day to day and how it truly affects users. Instead of talking about improving systems from an engineering and performance perspective, the human experience focuses on the issues that are frustrating customers and causing inconsistent and poor quality experiences.

Solving the issue from the human experience perspective means you not only make your solution work functionally but also ensure it works exceptionally well for every user, consistently, wherever people are. Your overall brand image will improve and customers won’t be leaving any time soon.

With a set of scores to quantify the human experience, Actual Experience shows how happy customers are with your solutions in near real-time, utilising digital quality analytics across your entire digital ecosystem, including third party solutions. There’s nothing quite like it.

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