Digital Quality in the Cloud Era


Actual Experience

In today’s digital world, optimising digital services is critical to the success of society, businesses and governments alike. However, reliably delivering these digital services, so that users (staff and customers) can make the most them, is becoming increasingly difficult due to the complex nature of global digital supply chains.

In order to maximise these services and fully take advantage of the global digital economy, a change in perspective is needed. Digital quality and a focus on human experience must be woven into the very fabric of the digital world if these services are to truly deliver the benefits they promise.

Digital Quality in the Cloud era

To meet the demands of the global digital economy, Vodafone is moving to Cloud based offerings. These are based on the use of Universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE) installed at client locations, such uCPE being essentially off the shelf processing devices which can support virtual machines. As part of the services delivered using these platforms, enterprises could in future have the ability to manage digital quality in line with customer and staff expectations, therefore the ability to deploy and run the Actual Experience Digital Users on the uCPE devices is key.

The Digital User – ready to deploy

Vodafone's Fixed Access Centre of Excellence within Vodafone Group Technology has evaluated the Digital User and confirmed frictionless deployment is achievable.

That means that within an enterprise, an installed Digital User will in future be able to automatically start taking measurements of their business-critical digital services with the results appearing in the customer’s dashboards.

“The trial showed we could easily deploy the Digital User onto our uCPE devices. Our desire is to give enterprises more control over their network analytics in line with our strategy of building superior Gigabit networks.”
Gavin Young – Head of Fixed Access Centre of Excellence, Vodafone

By using our powerful analytics tool that prioritises human experience over technical performance, we are enabling our partners to proactively improve the delivery of digital services.

Our patented technology performs millions of calculations per minute to correlate the cause of bad technical behaviour amongst the many businesses, technologies, networks, data centres and applications involved in the delivery of a digital service and the effect this has on user experience.

By analysing digital services in this way, we provide actionable evidence to our partners, helping them make the right investment decisions to fix or improve their clients’ digital services, resulting in improved staff productivity, enhanced online brand reputation and ultimately success for their businesses.

“We have already seen with multiple projects within Vodafone, the power of our analytics in providing the insight and data required to enable us to advise our clients on how to enhance their digital supply chains and provide a consistent and reliable environment for the users of business-critical applications. This is a major technical step forward for Actual Experience in the Cloud era and for our goal of making the digital world a better place”.
Martin Gough – Client Director at Actual Experience