Are you irresponsibly ignoring your digital supply chain?


Dave Page

Nowadays it is near impossible to identify an industry that hasn’t been transformed by digital technologies. Large corporations and SMEs are investing billions of pounds in developing and integrating state of the art digital ecosystems in order to improve performance and boost growth. This is because companies must provide a seamless digital experience to customers, employees, suppliers and investors if they are to enjoy long term success.

To deliver this outcome, companies now rely on complex digital ecosystems that involve IT, third party networks, data centres, countless applications, and digital tools, systems and platforms. And yet, despite all these innovative technologies and significant investments companies are still struggling to deliver a quality customer experience or drive productivity upwards. Many senior executives blame this on particular technology or software, the business strategy, economic context or even employees.

Lights are on but nobody’s home

However, in many cases, systems appear to be performing just fine - all the lights are green and everyone seems to be doing their jobs properly. What most senior executives fail to understand is that even when each system works within its set parameters this doesn’t mean that the entire ecosystem is calibrated correctly. The company’s performance is dependent on so many complicated networks and third party suppliers that simple technical parameters are not enough to uncover why the whole infrastructure is under performing.

If you want to understand how your digital ecosystem is truly performing and affecting your business you need to look deeper at how all the technology pieces fit into the wider puzzle of organisational performance, employee productivity and human experience.

By ignoring how humans, employees and customers alike are really interacting with this complex digital infrastructure, something that seems to grow by the day in complexity and scale, you risk being left behind and alienating crucial stakeholders. However, finding the bad cogs that are hampering efficiency, productivity and customer experience in a maze of so many digital tools, platforms and networks is akin to trying to find a needle in a field of haystacks, let alone one.

Human Experience vs. Technical Performance

Guesswork is time consuming and resource intensive. It can significantly jeopardise business success or even the company’s survival. As a result IT departments are under huge pressure to understand, find and solve issues in the shortest time possible. What senior executives truly need is a sophisticated analytics tool that doesn’t focus on technical performance but on how real users interact with the digital services.

Our analytics solution was created to cut through the complexity of the digital ecosystem and analyse the system through the human experience lens. Actual Experience is enabling business leaders to quickly uncover why the company’s digital infrastructure is underperforming. Actual Experience’s patented technology performs millions of calculations per minute to correlate the cause of bad technical behaviour amongst the many businesses, technologies, networks, data centres and applications involved in the delivery of a digital service and the effect this has on user experience.