Agreement with Verizon to deliver HXM


Actual Experience

Actual Experience is pleased to announce it has signed an addition to its Master Services Agreement with Verizon for Actual Experience’s Human Experience Management (“HXM”) offering. HXM enables organisations to improve the employee experience of their digital business applications by reducing down time and wait time. HXM helps quantify wasted time when applications are not responsive or slow to respond,and identify where improvements can be made to the digital business applications to increase employee productivity.

Actual Experience’s analytics will be used to quantify the cost to an organisation that is incurred in employees’ wait time when applications are slow to respond or during system down time. This will establish the business case for ongoing work to improve digital  experience and recover lost employee time and wasted payroll. Typically 1-3% of employees’ time is wasted in waiting for the digital world to respond, leading to lost productivity and employee frustration.

Chris Kemmerer, Director, Professional Services, Verizon said: "I'm delighted to have collaborated with our analytics partner, Actual Experience, to create innovative new digital experience Professional Service offerings for our global enterprise and national SMB customers. We are confident that our partnership will help customers accelerate their digital journeys."

Dave Page, Co-Founder & CEO, Actual Experience said: "We're thrilled to have had the opportunity to help create these exciting new digital experience Professional Services offerings with Verizon, which are more relevant now than ever given the recent increased business dependence and accelerated adoption of digital technologies."

Link between Human Experience and Productivity

We have been able to establish a link between our proprietary Human Experience scores and the amount of time an employee wastes each day waiting for business applications to respond. Wasted employee time can be readily converted to wasted payroll, providing a clear financial measure as to the cost of poor digital experience.Typically one to three percent of a company’s payroll is wasted by employees waiting for business applications to respond; by way of an example, recent analysis of two blue chip businesses produced wasted payroll numbers of $139m and $400m respectively.

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