Osborne Clarke: Adapting to change with clarity and focus



"Actual Experience's report was really useful in helping us understand parts of the business we need to continue to support to improve their digital experience. This is obviously of increased importance to us as a consequence of COVID-19 and also supports our continued focus and commitment to wellbeing in this hybrid working environment."

Ray Berg, Managing Partner

The Business Impact Assessment had one goal: to help Osborne Clarke identify employees that needed additional digital technology support. This enabled the Firm to quantify the impact and then deploy the most appropriate technologies to improve its employee's home working experience.


Osborne Clarke is an international legal practice with over 270 Partners and more than 900 lawyers across 25 locations. The Firm recently launched an initiative with Actual Experience to understand the impact its digital technologies had on employee's home working experience.

This is particularly relevant and timely given the dramatic changes to working practices and accelerated adoption of digital technology since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, Osborne Clarke needed new insights and planning data in order to ensure that resources are focused on the individuals and parts of the business most in need of support.

What Actual Experience did

Actual Experience worked with Osborne Clarke to deploy collector agents across the technologies used by Osborne Clarke's employees, monitoring their home working environments and reporting on the efficiency of eight critical applications. Actual Experience also provided a pre-migration report to understand the business impact of a proposed migration from Skype to Microsoft Teams.

Actual Experience produced a Business Impact Assessment, in three weeks with recommendations that enabled Osborne Clarke to:

  • support their continued focus and efforts on improving employee well-being and home working experience;
  • confidently build the business case required to optimise application and network performance; and
  • effectively plan the resources required internally to improve the technologies they deploy to support home working.

The report prioritised resource allocation and gave recommendations to improve well-being and experience by focussing efforts on application and network performance. In addition, Actual Experience provided a list of anonymised recommendations for the most affected employees who were dealing with poor Wi-Fi speeds and made recommendations for employees who have issues with their ISP either through the capacity on the access or ISP core issues.

Value Delivered

Osborne Clarke identified the projects needed to deliver the most significant improvement to the well-being and experience of their employees. Through continuous improvement they are now in a position to confidently allocate resources and report on the improvements to employee's home working experience.

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