Remote Working Human Experience Audit


Keeping remote workers productive and collaborative

Having previously invested in a Human Experience Audit, a national organisation based in the UK and in charge of food standards, was in a strong position to overcome the challenges that the foreseeable future would bring as a result of the rapid increase in its distributed workforce.

The new and complex homeworking environment meant that the organisations’ IT managers required the same degree of visibility of the performance of its business applications. Aiming to provide their remote working colleagues with an office like experience, in order to maintain productivity and collaboration.

How Human Experience Management Helped?

A fresh deployment could have been executed within hours, but our Digital Users (collection agents) had already been installed on laptops, and configured to the applications and services for the organisations’ requirements.

This enabled our human experience analytics cloud to begin analysing the multiple digital supply chain routes back and forth between each home working IT environment and SaaS, Cloud and IaaS hosted applications.

Furthermore, our analytics cloud analysed each remote worker in parallel. This ability to scale the analysis quickly provided the IT teams with actionable answers and negated the need for them to manually work out priority actions themselves.

Audit Results

Preliminary results from a single weeks worth of analysis provided the national organisations’ IT team with invaluable and proactive insights. The report highlighted a congestion issue with one of its data centres (managed by a third party), affecting the productivity of the remote workforce.

Remote Working Human Experience Audit Infographic_v2
(Productivity loss due to poor human experience with home IT environment)

For an overstretched IT team, the issue with the data centre represented a situation that they would most likely have missed as this is not an area they would have typically investigated.

Remote Working Human Experience Audit App Detail-min
(Anonymised application performance and prioritised action list of improvements)

Furthermore, the audit was able to show the organisations’ IT teams where potential weaknesses lay inside their colleagues’ home internet infrastructure, prescribing the recommended actions to avoid productivity loss before issues occur.

Remote Working Human Experience Audit Location Detail-min
(Location details and impairment behaviour of the data centre responsible for poor human experience)

Next Steps For The National Organisation

  • We recommend increasing the scope of remote working environments to be analysed
  • Following remediation efforts with the data centre. We recommend ongoing analysis of further IT environments as impairments will shift elsewhere.

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