Energy Home Worker Experience Audit


The accelerated move to home working meant little to no visibility

Actual Experience’s initial engagement began on the basis of conducting a Human Experience Audit at the Executive offices in London. The focus here was to identify the cause behind employees continuously experiencing poor quality calls with Skype – With everyone throughout the organisation, employees and customers, being kicked off calls, unable to join or connect video or audio.

The scope of the project quickly changed due to UK Government lockdown measures. Meaning that reporting the human experience of Skype and the company's  internal networks became irrelevant. With the transition to a fully remote workforce, and the company's increased reliance on Skype any performance issues would be amplified across the organisation, impacting productivity and staff morale.

Like many organisations, the company had no visibility outside of their owned networks and data centres. The company needed to rapidly gain visibility to manage the home networks and digital supply chain of their employees. Enabling them to support each colleague in need of additional IT support.

How Human Experience Management Helped?

Actual Experience worked with the IT team to install our Digital User on their employees device. From here we were able to begin gathering the crucial metrics necessary to measure the performance of Skype, the internet and the home networks of employees. This provided the visibility of issues leading to performance degradation. These were primarily home WiFi and broadband access congestion issues. But problems within any Internet Service Providers or the Content Service Provider were also identified.

Our human experience analytics provided the important productivity metrics (time loss & payroll wastage) to business executives within the company's management team. Easy to understand and provided a baseline of the business impact caused by poor human experience for employees.

The report then went on to provide a detailed list of each employee’s human experience of Skype. Categorized from best to worst as well as insight into the performance of ISP, broadband, and WiFi.

Number of employees


Worst single hour time lost per employee


Total payroll at risk annually


Audit Results

Our analytics found there were no common central issues that affected everyone. The Human Experience Audit provided recommendations on a priority list of actions, for those suffering the worst time loss in their working day. Further within the report each user was graded Red, Amber, Green based on the experience received. Providing the primary cause for impact being local infrastructure, identifying that 50% of the employee population was impacted due to local wifi/broadband issues. It was also reassuring to report the remainder received a good and consistent human experience.

Energy Company_Remote working Human Expereince Audit
(Productivity loss due to poor human experience with home IT environment)

For an overstretched IT team, the issue with the data centre represented a situation that they would most likely have missed as this is not an area they would have typically investigated.

EDF_Remote working experienceISP and broadband issues
(Summary of ISP performance and impact on productivity)

A snapshot list of employee experience within the company provided the overview necessary to prioritise remediation efforts.

Energy Company_Remote working Human Expereince Audit_user detail