Business success is meeting end users demand for consistent digital products and services, across increasingly complex digital supply chains that you do not control.

Actual Experience’s analytics provide the digital Voice of the Customer. An outside-in, real-time, data-driven view of what your customers and employees would say about the quality of your digital products and services, and why.

Analyse everything that impacts the experience quality in your digital supply chains, whether inside or outside the business’s control, from the point of provision to the point of use. Use the insights to make continuous improvements to your digital business.


Digital quality analytics are the new Key Performance Indicator. They deliver digital supply chain visibility that enables continuous improvement and proof of Return on Investment.

Manage services better
Quickly identify and locate issues in networks, servers and applications, owned and third-party.

Improve efficiency
Identify areas for smart investment and proactive continuous improvement.


The digital Voice of the Customer has the actionable insights needed to deliver on the brand promise, improve Net Promoter Scores and revenues.

Create better experiences
Identify issues in the digital customer experience in real-time and have actionable insights to make it better.

Improve quality
Pinpoint where and how technology is impacting on digital customer experiences.


Use digital quality analytics to improve productivity, make smarter resource allocation decisions and manage your digital suppliers effectively.

Deliver better productivity
Pinpoint problems with business critical services and suppliers that are hurting employee productivity.

Improve partnerships
Score how your digital suppliers are delivering against Service Level Agreements.

How you can improve business performance with digital experience quality.

The companies that are failing to deliver quality are losing customers and money. Find out what the digital leaders are doing to beat the competition.
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Dave Page, Actual's CEO, explores why managing IT can be a bit like a murder mystery and how finding the guilty party can be made easier.

As great digital retail experiences become the norm, Liz Morrell, retail journalist, looks at why the next big battle will be the quality of the delivery of the digital experience and getting it right first time.

David F. Carr on why although digital experience isn’t the whole story of a business, it is becoming an increasingly important focus of not only technologists, but CEOs of organisations.

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Our product, Actual Work, analyses digital experience quality.

Actual Work, our analytics as a service, uses patented algorithms and measurement software to exercise your digital supply chains and deliver the digital Voice of the Customer.

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